Monte McNaughton


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Petition to demand the government immediately take action to protect the conscience rights of Ontario’s health care professionals by abolishing the effective referral protocol for medical assistance in dying started March 3, 2017.

Petition to support natural gas in Ontario and to immediately reconsider the plan to ban natural gas heat from buildings and new construction started May 25, 2016.

Petition to support Bill 150 Energy Referendum Act, 2015, which would mandate that local municipalities hold a referendum before large-scale renewable energy projects are approved so that residents are the ones who decide if these projects will go forward started March 14, 2016.

Petition to quickly pass Bill 168, Capping Ontario’s Debt Act, 2016 and immediately implement a provincial debt cap to ensure that Ontario’s debt doesn’t exceed 45% of our GDP started February 26, 2016.

Petition to unanimously endorse and quickly pass Bill 120 An Act to amend the Estate Administration Tax Act, 1998 to roll back and cap the Death Tax and get rid of the punishing deadlines and penalties this government has introduced started September 17, 2015.


Petition to immediately implement policies ensuring Ontario’s power consumers, including families, farmers and employers, have affordable and reliable electricity April 2, 2015.

Petition to increase the production quantity of Ontario Hunting & Fishing Regulation Summaries started March 28, 2014.


Petition to stop the Liberal Government from Hiking the Gas Tax by 10¢ per litre to Pay for Transit Expansion in the City of Toronto started December 16, 2013.


Petition to keep Mosa Central Public School open started December 9, 2013.


Petition to Maintain Physiotherapy Services started May 17, 2013.

Read the Ministerial response to this petition here.


Petition to Bring a Want of Confidence Motion to Debate at the Earliest Opportunity started April 26, 2013.


Petition to Scrap the Drive Clean Program started April 8, 2013.

Read the Ministerial response to this petition here.


Petition to Suspend the Decision to Significantly Increase Ontario Tire Stewardship’s Fees on Agricultural and Off-The-Road Tires  started March 27, 2013.


Petition to Stop the Trades Tax and Shut Down the Ontario College of Trades Immediately started March 15, 2013.

Read the Ministerial response to this petition here.


Petition to Cancel the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Subsidies started February 25, 2013

Read the Ministerial response to this petition here.


Petition to Eliminate Compulsory WSIB Coverage On All Independent Contractors and Small Business Owners in the Construction Industry started January 18, 2013

Read the Ministerial response to this petition here.



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