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Jun 201222

Shame: McGuinty’s Horse Racing Gamble Risks 60,000 Jobs and Historical Queen’s Plate

(Strathroy, ON) – Today, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC MPP Monte McNaughton again criticized the Liberal government’s decision to end the slots at racetracks program effectively putting 60,000 men and women out of work and ensuring that longstanding traditions such as the historical Queen’s Plate are ended forever. “Dalton McGuinty has completely pulled the rug out from under […]

Jun 201220

MPP McNaughton Delivers End of Session Budget Speech

(Queen’s Park, ON) – Today, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton delivered a speech in the Ontario Legislature highlighting the duty of elected officials to listen to local voices and respect local communities to best protect the interests ofOntario families and small businesses. “In my riding one of the main issues of concern is industrial wind turbines […]

Jun 201213

Duncan Completely Out of Touch with Rural Ontario

Needlessly compares horse racing industry to tobacco industry.  (Queen’s Park, ON) – Today, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC MPP Monte McNaughton took issue with Liberal Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan comparing the Ontario horse racing industry with the tobacco industry. Duncan was recently quoted discussing the transitional panel and fund saying, “we want to help transition the industry […]

Jun 201212

McNaughton Calls for Matthews’ Resignation

Situation in Southwestern Ontario necessitates immediate overhaul of Ornge.  (Queen’s Park, ON) – Windsor Regional Hospital CEO, David Musyj, has confirmed that the culture at Ontario’s scandal-plagued air ambulance remains one of negligence, incompetence and corruption. “The Minister of Health has refused to heed the warnings of frontline paramedics, pilots and nurses who have repeatedly […]

Jun 20128

McNaughton to Liberals: Enough Talk, Time For Action on Jobs

(Queen’s Park, ON) – Ontario’s jobless rate is stuck at an unacceptably high 7.8 per cent for May – and all the government can do is talk about setting up yet another advisory panel to think about job creation, PC Economic Development and Innovation Critic Monte McNaughton said today. McNaughton’s comments follow the release of […]

Jun 20128

McNaughton: Matthews to Blame for Compromised Patient Safety at Ornge

(Queen’s Park, ON) –Yesterday, Ontario families learned of yet another Ornge-related death, a six year old requiring emergency neurosurgery in London. In July 2011, Jamie Lynn Ingham was critically ill, suffering from meningitis and requiring immediate transport from Windsor Regional Hospital to London Health Sciences. Doctors and hospital staff were assured by Ornge that an […]

May 201231

No Action on Agricultural Red Tape

(Queen’s Park, ON) – Today, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC MPP Monte McNaughton said that although it has been a year since the PC Party proposed a one-window approach and slightly less since the Liberals copied the commitment, the government has done nothing to help farmers and cut red tape. “Before the election this government promised to cut […]

May 201222

Public Sector Out Of Step With Private Sector Reality: McNaughton

(QUEEN’S PARK, ON) – There is an urgent need for a mandatory wage freeze to rein in a looming $30-billion deficit and foster a pro-growth environment for job creation, Ontario PC Economic Development and Innovation Critic Monte McNaughton said today. Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Caucus have repeatedly called for a legislated mandatory wage […]

May 201217

Liberals Bet Against Each Other: McNaughton

“We need a referendum. Let people here have a say about whether they’re interested in one or not.” – Tim Hudak, Toronto Sun, April 17, 2012 (QUEEN’S PARK, ON) – Unlike the McGuinty Liberals, the PC Caucus is united in its stance that local residents deserve a voice in deciding whether or not they want […]

May 201216

McNaughton: Liberals & NDP Continue to Block PC Efforts to Halt Industrial Wind Turbine Development.

(QUEEN’S PARK, ON) – Today, new Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton delivered a statement in the Ontario Legislature questioning the liberal government and the NDP on their exclusion of local voices in decision making when it comes to further development of industrial wind turbines. McNaughton, the PC Critic for Economic Development & Innovation pointed out that […]

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