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The Latest

June 23, 2015

PC Agriculture Critic MPP Toby Barrett and MPP Bob Bailey Attend. (GLENCOE, ONTARIO) – Yesterday, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton hosted an agriculture round table at the Royal Canadian Legion in Glencoe. The meeting was open to the public and attended by nearly 50 people including representatives from many of the different agriculture groups and associations. […]

June 4, 2015

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Continues to Lead on Transparency and Accountability   (Queen’s Park, ON) – Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton has published his 2014/2015 MPP expenses as follows: Support Staff: $188,578 Constituency Office Rent/Accommodations: $31,328 Office Operations and Supplies: $40,430 Communications and Newsletters: $11,876 TOTAL MPP GLOBAL BUDGET: $276,120 Amount Under Budget: $3,908   MPP Travel: $37,263 MPP Toronto Accommodations: $21,407

February 9, 2015

(Queen’s Park, Ontario) — In December 2014, a number of journalists and media representatives were detained by the Turkish government, raising concerns about the freedom of the press, the government’s commitment to democratic values, and its respect for human rights and freedoms.‎ Actions against journalists strike at a core value of democracy, and it is vital to […]

rHnitbYsD04.jpg June 12, 2015

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton speaks at sex-ed rally at Waterloo Town Square on June 12, 2015.

RpaPwouxtiY.jpg June 2, 2015

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton makes a statement in support of local Victim Services organizations on June 2, 2015.

9nxNxtqmxTA.jpg June 2, 2015

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton tables a series of petitions from concerned parents and members of the community regarding planned changes